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After Service
after-sale service
■ Pledge:
 The company will meet the needs of users for the purpose of long-term to provide users with genuine spare parts, technical consulting, installation guide, free debugging, training of personnel and unit transformation. After receiving user feedback quality problems, within 24 hours to reply or send service personnel arrived at the scene as soon as possible, so that users are not satisfied with the service does not stop.
 ■ Service System:
 First, pre-service
 Professional engineers to provide pre-sales technical advice and guidance supporting the planning, such as unit selection, matching, room design, answer difficult questions encountered by the user during use and provide technical guidance;
 Second, the sale of services
 My company after receiving user notification sent professional and technical personnel to the installation site for installation and commissioning of the unit, and do a good job with the user acceptance;
 Third, the service
 1, free room design, distribution design;
 2, free installation guide, commissioning;
 3, free for users operating and maintenance personnel training and technical advice;
 4, guide maintenance, maintenance;
 5, the end-user to build customer files, tracking service, regular inspection, maintenance for life;
 6, the company perennial provide genuine spare parts, and maintenance engineers ready to provide technical assistance for you.
 1. Warranty: one year or a total of 1,000 hours (whichever occurs both), as a result of parts factory assembled negligence or improper design and selection of raw materials and other reasons caused the damage to the unit or other failure, may be represented by responsible for warranty;
 2, diesel generator set of wearing parts, accessories for everyday use, due to the damage caused by human error, negligence, maintenance, etc., are not within the scope of this warranty. All components other than the warranty period are provided at cost, customer service personnel arrived at the scene or at the factory to factory to repair the unit to be used normally.