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    50kw STC alternator

    • Rated Power50KW


    1. Main Features

    QB Series Electric Peripheral Pump

    QB series clean water pumps are high efficient household electric pumps, with the miniature heavy-duty electric motor and the peripheral pump couple directly. They have the advantages of simple construction, small measurement, light weight, higher head, easy operation and maintenance.

    They do well in carrying clean water or the liquid whose physical and chemical nature similar to clean water, not exceeding 40℃.They are ideal for household well water pumping, water injection supplying, car washing, and garden watering etc.

    MOTOR Single Phase Heavy Duty Continuous Work
    Motor Housing: Aluminium
    Shaft: Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
    Insulation: Class B / Class F
    Protection: IP44 / IP54
    Cooling: External ventilation



    Model Power Q.max.
    HP KW
    QB-60 0.5 0.37 35 35 25X25
    QB-70 0.75 0.55 45 50 25X25
    QB-80 1 0.75 50 55 40X40
    QB-90 1.5 1.1 90 60 40X40