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  1. TZH


  • Rated Capacity12.5~30KVA
  • Rated Power10~250KW
  • Voltage4000V
  1. Main Features

TZH series small three-phase synchronous Alternator connect with the prime mover or the belt directly. It can be a movable or fixed small power supply for the villages, town, working sites and pasture-land. This series generator is star connection with neutral point for three phase, rated wire voltage is 400v, phase voltage is 230v frequency is 50Hz, power factor is from 1.0~0.8 (lag.) It is new construction, simple unique. It can get self-excitation constant voltage without AVR regulator. It is easy in building voltage, its waveform distortion rate of voltage is low, its voltage regulating accuracy is voltage regulation is ≤±5% when its power factor is 1.0~0.8(lag.)its frequency change rate  is less than 3% when its from 0~100% and 100%~0,(No load is 51.5Hz,full load is 50Hz).


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