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    DCG series high speed motor

    • Rated Power0.37KW-100KW


    1. Main Features

    DCG series high speed motor

    DCG  0.37-100kW series of high-speed motor, frequency of 287Hz, speed 17000r / min, the performance and stability, low noise, vibration, light, smooth operation.

    DCG SERIES High-speed motor has the following advantages: First, the motor power rating dense, far less than the same volume of normal motor power. Second, it can be directly connected with the prime mover, high transmission efficiency. Third, fast dynamic response. Fourth, using high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel materials and new bearings. Fifth, high-precision machining, parts with precision.
    Highlight the advantages of the above-mentioned high-speed motor-based, high-speed motor and has broad prospects for development, can be widely used in new energy vehicles, fans, air conditioners, refrigerators and other products, upgrading of high-speed motor and the inverter device with high-quality and advanced control technology, many industries will greatly reduce our energy consumption, it has a high value.