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    Electric System Parts ATS(Automatic Transfer Switch) 32A-3200A

    • Rated Power32A-3200A


    1. Main Features

    Electric System Parts  ATS(Automatic Transfer Switch) 32A-3200A

    Product Abstract:

    Applicable current range: 32A-3200A; Switch name: ABB, Schneider or other famous Chinese switch; Applicable power range: 17kW-2772kW ; Switch model:4-pole. ATS type: fix and stand with case.

    Product Description

    ATS (Automatic Transfer System) 
    Automatic Transfer System together with diesel generator set are used as emergency power supply. Providing a power outage, then within 6-10 seconds, the power can be resupplied by the ATS. On the other hand, important load for illumination, lift and fire fighting equipment will automatically switch to the generator set. 
    Besides, ATS is one of the most important power supply equipments for hospitals, telecommunications, airports, banks, hotels etc.