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    trailer for 1000kw container generator

    • Rated Power1000KW


    1. Main Features

    New CAM100 jet self-priming pumps 


    Impeller made of brass or high-temperature plastic, high temperature, rust.
    2. The pump for the pressure chamber design, quiet operation and efficient.
    3. imported Italian seal mechanical seal, highly leak-proof performance.
    4. The stator assembly line is equipped with thermal protection, to prevent motor overheating and burning

    Pump body: cast iron

    Impeller: Brass / plastic (P.P.O)
    Deflector plate: plastic (P.P.O)
    Mechanical seal: Carbon / ceramic / stainless steel
    Heavy Duty Continuous Work
    Chassis: Aluminum
    Shaft: Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
    Insulation: Class B / F grade
    Protection class: IP44 / IP54
    Cooling: External ventilation
    Conditions of use
    Liquid temperature up to 60 ℃
    Ambient temperature up to 40 ℃
    Suction lift up to 9M
    Continuous work
    DAC Power
    DAC Power