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    6105AZLD 100kw generator

    • Rated Power100KW


    1. Main Features

    new CM100 series centrifugal pumps


    Impeller made of brass or high-temperature plastic, high temperature, rust.
    2. The pump cavity, perfect hydrodynamic design, low noise, superior performance.
    3. imported Italian seal mechanical seal, highly leak-proof performance.
    4. The stator assembly line is equipped with thermal protection, to prevent motor overheating and burning.
    new CM100 series centrifugal pumps
    Centrifugal pumps with single impeller provides high flow, steady flow, the flow can be adjusted over a wide range without causing damage to the pump.
    In order to make the pump work properly, perfusion clean water, or non-corrosive liquids and no small solid impurities.
    Scope of application: garden, agriculture and industry flow irrigation systems.
    Pump body: cast iron
    Impeller: Brass / stainless steel / plastic (P.P.O)
    Mechanical seal: Carbon / ceramic / stainless steel
    Heavy Duty Continuous Work
    Chassis: Aluminum
    Shaft: Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
    Insulation: Class B / F grade
    Protection class: IP44 / IP54
    Cooling: External ventilation
    Conditions of use
    Liquid temperature up to 60 ℃
    Ambient temperature up to 40 ℃
    Suction lift up to 9M
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