Dac Power manufacturers of brushless alternator, diesel generator sets etc.

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Business objectives: to become one of the enterprises of excellence mechanical and electrical manufacturing industry.
The spirit of enterprise: steady growth, strong foundation, and promote development.
Team: frank is the premise of mutual trust, good communication is the basis of cooperation; personal eagle, swallow the same team.
Pragmatic: accurate positioning, work, pay attention to the data, and stress effects.
Innovation: Everyone has a sense of innovation, innovative measures department, the company has innovative mechanisms.
Efficient: create management information technology platform to rapidly improve the efficiency of simplicity, efficiency is execution, efficiency is competitive.
Core values:
DACPOWER: We match personnel recruitment and selection process large motor value system;
        We respect every individual employees, concerned about the growth and development of staff;
        We recognize individual differences, to realize their full advantage.
Honest: We focus on staff moral honesty, honesty is the basis of the contribution;
        We should Lei bright, pragmatic and achieve self-discipline, self-esteem, self-love, self-reliance;
        We dare to face reality, win without pride, lose with grace.
Innovation: we should have excellent professional skills;
        Innovation is the life, is the cornerstone of success;
We will never meet today's performance, continuous improvement and perfection, the pursuit of excellence.
Sharing: We can take the initiative to learn to build a learning organization;
We absorbing, and happy to share his success with others;
We have an open mind towards comments and suggestions.
Cooperation: We are a unified team, bearing in mind the common goal;
We encourage different ideas and opinions, and strive to achieve creative cooperation, and jointly build a harmonious working relationship;
We stress the efficiency of cooperation, mutual cooperation and mutual respect.
Responsibility: We are a DACPOWER owner, really DACPOWER to maintain the reputation, to create benefits for DACPOWER;
We work responsibly and improve their work, pay attention to every detail, sense of commitment, not prevarication;
Our contribution to realize a common vision and long-term development of employees, and promote social progress.